Friday, 20 June 2014

Planning Stage!!

Well my partner has decided to purchase a land and home package from Coral Homes in the Saddlers Ridge Estate near Maitland.

Unfortunately I did not start this blog from the very beginning so this first post is going to be a fairly long one!

We started to look for houses within Newcastle and especially around the Mayfield area as we are currently renting there and quite like the suburb.  This was not a great idea as a lot of houses around this area are a tad out of my partners price range.

We nearly gave up for a while until Luke was just looking through and found the Newport19 house and land package from Coral Homes.  Thankfully it was within the amount we could afford and it was a brand new house!!

We went and had a look at the block of land and used the new Hunter Express way to get out there and found it quite easy now that the express way has opened and only took us about 30 minutes to get out to Gillieston Heights instead of the usual 45-50 minutes.  Obviously it is a lot easier for people to get out there now because the majority of the lots were sold except for 3 blocks!!

Once the weekend was over Luke went straight in to see the lender to see if He can get approval for the package and paid a deposit to Mirvac (estate developer) to hold the land while we waited for approval.

So at the beginning of this week we received word that the land loan had been approved and signed the land contract!! Luke now owns his first block of land!!!!

Now hopefully the house contract is ready next week as we have waited 3 weeks already!!

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