Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Well we received a tendor last friday to have a look and they included pretty much what we asked for and the majority of it will cost less then what the sales consultant quoted for the changes :)

We included some cavity slider doors to seperate bedroom 4 from the house and allow it to be part of our private space and the other near the entry hall way.  Mostly for privacy but also to help with cooling and heating costs.

There were a few charges that we were not sure on why it was included.  Things like charges to have services connected as it was stated that there would be an allowance in the house and land price.  But there was an additional charge because the cost for underground services was more then the allowance.  No need for any retaining walls thank god!  The only thing they seemed to have got wrong was that we requested an extra 13 data points and they only included an extra 5.....not too sure but that is quite a bit of a difference to what was requested haha.

Though there were a few happy surprises like on the plans it shows that all bathroom vanities will actually have 20mm cesaerstone which I asked about after we signed the plans to the sales consultant and she mentioned that they should not be included because that option was in a higher package being offered :D

A few extras that we are glad we included was the extra shower head in the en-suite shower. 

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