Thursday, 16 October 2014


Ok so we had our electrical appointment on the 13th.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post the results.

The standard inclusions for the Newport 19 with the Designer inclusions totaled $4,499.00 and with our variations of $1,297.20, our total electrical amount is $5,796.20.
We are pretty happy that we only needed to spend about $1200 to get what we wanted, we just have to spend about another grand and a bit to have downlights installed by the electrician and not through clipsal.

These prices differ from other people's prices on here which could be different electrician company or something.

* Batten Holder - $66
* Wall W/Proof light (batten) - $94.30
* Light switches with 1 or 2 buttons - $0
* 4 way light switch - $12
* 2-way light switch for entrance hallway - $60.40
* 1 socket GPO - $60
* 2 socket GPO - $62.60
* 1 socket outdoor GPO - $85
* 2 socket outdoor GPO - $105
* 1 free-to-air tv socket - $92
* Installation of owner supplied fan - $142.10
* Unflumed exhaust fan w/draftstopper - $169
* fan switch and controller - $0
* Smoke detector - $125
* Facade pillar and garage pillar up/down lights - $143.70

We added pretty much an extra 2 socket gpo to each bedroom except for the main bedroom, seperated the kitchen light from the dining room light as they had both of them to come on at the same time (weird), move a tv point from the dining room to the lounge room nook where the tv is supposed to go (why would you want one in the dining room and not lounge?), add an exhaust fan to each bathroom (we think this is strange to only have one in the water closet), add another batten to the garage, add an outdoor light for the clothesline and also a outdoor powerpoint in the alfresco.

We moved the batten holders in the bedrooms to a corner where we want it to be converted to a downlight and just ask the electrician to possibly do a cash in hand installation of owner supplied downlights.  This would cost us there basic installation price with just the cost of a downlight ($15 approx.), so maybe something like $100 tops compared to about $130 or more with getting clipsal to do it.

We were thinking of having a light with exhaust fan like a hellar one but they wanted to charge about $263 to supply and install one where they are about $30 at bunnings.  So we just said to do the exhaust fan by its self and we might switch them out during construction.

The only thing we are worried about is that the surface area is a lot smaller where the fan can draw from compared to a normal sized fan.  Has any one else found the combo fans are not that good?

We also want at least one feature light in the house and we think the front hallway will be the best place so when people enter they are greeted by a nice light.  We will have to buy two of these though and are finding it a bit hard to find some lights that aren't like birdnests or dust catches plus it has to be somewhat masculine.

What do people think about the type of light in the garage?  I was thinking about a bank or two of fluro's to give a fair bit of light distribution and brightness but the other half has problems with his eyes that gives him very bad migrains in fluro lighting.

This is just a basic look on what each component looks like.

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