Thursday, 16 October 2014

Major Update

Wow! what a few long months it has been to finally get to the Colour and Finishes selection appointment!!!

First we had problems with the lender we went through due to staff leaving and not passing on our file with proper explanation for what is to happen and also on Coral Homes part as well.  Coral Homes are adamant that the house and land package pamphlet we handed to them and said we want this, is this doable and they said yes.  It turns out that they never intended the package to be a house and land together.  Even though it says on the pamphlet we gave them and also on the preliminary contract mentioning that it is house and land package.  Because of this stuff up we are not currently having one loan being a turn key loan.  It is now two separate loans, we have to pay interest on the land loan while we are still renting which we were not prepared for and that is the main reason we chose to have the turn key loan.

Once we requested a person who knew what they were doing, we were moved on to another lender branch who have definitely helped us to get the ball rolling in terms of getting the loans fixed and for us to advance to the next step of coral's process.

Once we paid the deposit to start construction the plans were submitted to a private certifier and they were approved within 2 weeks.  When they were approved we booked the colour and finishes and the electrical appointment for the 13th Oct.

The electrical appointment had to be done over internet conferrence as we live in Newcastle and it went fairly well.  We kept mostly to the main inclusions but added a few more power points, some extra outdoor lights for the facade and the clothes line at the side of the house and also some exhaust fans in the bathrooms.  Our main goal is to have most of the baton lights to be removed and replaced with led downlights through the electrician themselves for a cash job.

Next appointment was at the very small room here in Newcastle that Coral Homes has for their colour and finishes appointments.  We upgraded the carpet to the Gold range and chose this carpet to match the rest of the colours in the house.  Lasting Impressions Range - Colour: Winter.

We upgraded the floor and shower wastes to round chrome instead of just white plastic.

The roof tiles: Designer collection from Bristile and the Colour: Sanctuary
The gutters, downpipes and garage door: Colour: Woodland Grey

The windows and the sliding doors will be the Precious Silver colour, (Far right A&L sample in picture above)

The bricks: PGH called Eclipse with off white mortar

The front entry door was upgraded to a 1200mm wide door with translucent laminate on the glass:
We chose the XS26 and with the darkest stain available.

The door handle:
With the same look throughout the house on the internal doors with this handle:
The Rendering on the facade: Colour: Silkwort
The Soffit will be: Colour: Mt Aspiring
The internal wall colour, internal doors and the door woodwork: Colour: Beige Royal 1/4
With the Bathroom floor tile on the left with the wall colour in the middle and the bathroom wall tiles on the right hand side.

The Cabinets laminex has been changed to: Colour: Bronzeworks
Colours with the floor tile:

We chose to change the cabinets to this one as it does not have such a pronounced wood pattern as it looked like it clashed too much with the woodgrain tiles and there was no extra charge that you would get with a wood grain laminex.  The bathroom vanity's and the kitchen cupboards will all be the same with Osprey Ceasarstone for the top.

The Vanity's will be floating with a recessed kickboard.

The handles for the kitchen and bathrooms were upgraded to the Bronze range and will be vertical.
Basin: Caroma Carboni Seamless (inset):
Basin tapware:

Shower rail and bathroom tapware/toilet roll holder: Phoenix range

Kitchen sink tap:

For the skirting and archetraves we chose: Style: Half Splayed

The oven 600mm:
Rangehood 900mm:
 The Stovetop 900mm:

The laundry/washing machine taps:
The letter box: Design: Haven Colour: Black

The driveway will be a silver coloured brushed concrete.

Now to just dispute with Coral about the vanity tops to be ceasarstone as that is what we signed off on the building plans and we even brought it the attention of the sales consultant who said we must get it now that we have signed the plans and Coral Homes have signed off on the plans.  The say that it was an admin error even though when we told them they didn't mind.

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