Friday, 24 October 2014

Small update.

So we have won the dispute about the ceasarstone and Coral have agreed to not charge us to have the stone on the bathroom vanities. YAY!!!!

We went out to a PGH display centre to see if we want to spend close to $700 on off-white mortar or not and where given some sample bricks and a couple of address's that have used the Eclipse brick.

So we drove around to a few places and took a few photos of the bricks and we reckon that they look good and agreed that off-white mortar would make the bricks stand out a lot more but since the rest of the colours are going to be a fairly dark grey to light grey, we do not think that having such a big contrast between the brick and the mortar to be applicable for our design.  Maybe if the black brick was just to be a feature brick for the fa├žade but it is going to the the brick for the whole house as well.

This house pretty much has the same colour scheme that we are going to have except i think the roof may be a little bit darker.

This is a photo of the display wall at PGH with off-white mortar

Saving the money means we can spend it on other things.

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